Paintball Galaxy

Paintball Galaxy Hoodies, T-shirts & Hats, This Picture Shows a Paintball Mask Lens Covered In Yellow & Orange Paint Sitting on a surface with a paintball field through the window behind it

The Paintball Galaxy Brand started off as a simple instagram Profile all about paintball by a guy who loves paintball and works at a couple of fields, outside of that he is also a photographer so as you can imagine he had seen and taken his fair share of Paintball photos & Action

However one thing that he noticed during all his time around the paintball lifestyle is that most paintball clothing looks amazingly cool, but it's mostly designed to be worn on the field, because i imagine most company's start out producing gear so its just the natural feel, but most of it isn't something you would casually wear on a stroll through town. So Paintball Galaxy is starting in the other direction, Producing Gear that you would wear off the field before getting into the gear you would wear on it! 

Could this approach yield us a new style in the future? who knows? but stay tuned to find out! You can find PaintballGalaxy on Instagram or you can sign up for our newsletter to see what & when new gear comes out